Monday, August 24, 2009

A Start.

Whoever is listening......
I'm 14 and I am starting high-school in a couple weeks. Looking into the situation I am not nervous but I know that when I step out into this new place I will be, oh so nervous. I know most of my grade and plenty people in the grades above me though. I live at home with both my parents, a dog, and two rambunctious little brothers. I live on the border of a city that is all it's own and has a bad/good name, let's just call it Town A. While on the other side is a more diverse side of the valley Town B. While my home, little Town C is nestled somewhat in between this chaotic map has all it's surprises of it's own. People misjudge the "valley kids" for being preppy, and mainstream but we are not all fitting in and showing off. How I wish I was a "city kid"? No way, I mean it would be wonderful living in LA, but wherever I am I know that sometimes my friends and I don't see eye-to-eye on fashion, music, or boys but I don't think where I live should define me. I have strong opinions that I don't always stick to, and sometimes I limit myself to something that is way less then I am capable of in the long run. Life lived without regrets is impossible, although I try my best not to have any, everyone has their regrets or dilemmas. I carry a lot of hurt, betrayal and grudge on my shoulders that I am not ready to forgive people for yet.
I won't spoil things now,
because of course.
You don't even know me...